The joyful experience

Each Basket of Joy is truly unique, because we won’t make one without your input.

No two baskets will ever be the same, for each is specifically designed based on our customer’s information about the gift recipient.

We share in conversation, learning what is special about the recipient and what message you would like to send. Consider this experience similar to building a perfect bouquet with a personal florist, or commissioning a custom work of art by a close friend.

For more detail on our process, see how we work.


Meet Rita

My passion has always been to share the joy I feel in my soul with others. Through intuition, listening, exploring, and teaching, l aspire to connect with people and bring them delight in life's moments of challenge and celebration.  Giving and making gifts that are personal is one of the ways that I have shared my passion and purpose.


Some time ago, I opened Baskets of Joy, a retail shop in Indiana.  The business rapidly became a go-to place for gift giving in the community with lots of satisfied customers.  Although personal circumstances changed which required the business be sold, I vowed one day Baskets of Joy would be restarted somewhere else.  I have also  been a teacher these past 22-years, instructing teens, listening, supporting, dealing with difficulties, creatively providing resources and solutions, and collaborating with others fulfilled another personal passion. The skills learned while being a woman business owner and while being a high school English teacher will be combined and used to launch Baskets of Joy this Spring in the Seattle area.